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Are We Ready for the Big One?

In the wake of the awesome damage Hurricane Katrina unleashed on the Gulf Coast this month, the City of Oakland has joined many other communities across the nation in offering emergency personnel, food and supplies to the victims of this disaster.

Oakland rescue workers are already on the ground in the affected areas and have been active in rescue operations. Allen Temple Baptist Church and Acts Full Gospel Church are leading local churches in a sustained effort to aid those left homeless. Bay Area health care professionals have also answered the call for help and are streaming into the Gulf region as needed.

Even as the waters recede in New Orleans, the political blame game has begun. Some blame the President, some blame the Governor, some blame the Mayor and some blame the victims.  It’s easy to point the finger, but in a disaster of this scope it’s obvious that the system broke down on many levels. The director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency has resigned in the wake of this scandal and the President has taken full responsibility for the ineffective response.

The failures illuminated by this disaster must inspire leaders and emergency officials across the country to re-examine their emergency preparedness plans. We will definitely take a harder look at our emergency response capabilities in Oakland.  After all, we live atop several fault lines and scientists say devastation is inevitable.

According to the US Geological Survey, there’s a 62 percent chance of a big quake occurring in the Bay Area in the next 30 years. Experts say up to 360,000 people could be left homeless.  We can’t prevent the Big One, but we must work to prevent the kind of social disorder and interagency confusion that gripped New Orleans.

We must also invest in preparedness. The California Legislature recently passed up the opportunity to survey the century-old levee system in the Sacramento Delta, which supplies water to 22 million Californians and many farm Central Valley farm operations. A 1995 law requiring California hospitals to retrofit their facilities by 2008 is now being pushed back by 12 years.  More than 70 percent of school buildings in the state are expected to fail in an earthquake.

Hopefully, our tectonic plates are shifting at a slower pace than our bureaucracy. Emergency preparedness plans must be constantly reviewed and improved by those in charge. Citizens must also expect to be responsible for their own food and water for their first 72 hours following a major seismic event.

The lessons of New Orleans should not be lost on us. Disaster will strike here and we must be prepared. After Hurricane Katrina, none has any excuses.

A final note: our vulnerability here at home is obvious. Under the rubric of “Superpower,” America’s people and treasure have been spread all over the world.

Before it is too late, let’s secure the American homeland.

Weakened levees…

Shockingly inadequate resources for schools…

Growing immiseration…

All this calls out for investment in matters domestic. Where is Roosevelt when we need him?

Wake up America!

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you might want to specify which "Roosevelt" . . Theo. or Franklin ...or in hindsight, both.

Posted by: todd larmer | Sep 26, 2005 5:50:18 PM

Remember the fallout shelters in all major cities in the 50s? In the basements of department stores, such as Sears, the civil defense had a store house of food rations. Alas, without vigilence, most stores of food rations (high protein biscuits and the such) were allowed to spoil. But with modern MREs and the such, and bottled water, can't we recreate the prudence of the 50s? Instead of the atomic bombs, we should prepare for natural disasters by following the example of the Mormons. Create a low-cost survival kit available for families to store at home, and also, local government storing larger emergency rations throughout cities.

Posted by: Bro. Bartleby | Sep 27, 2005 1:04:48 PM

Here is are several concepts I'd love for you to spread. It may save lives and certainly aggravation. Please credit Douglas Keachie of North San Juan, California for the ideas.

There are many gardens in the hills of the Bay Area. If possible, stash a 55 gallon used food stuff plastic drum at the highest point. Secure it with T posts or anything substantial. Set up an irrigation system which pumps or syphons water out. Over time, whatever food odor might be present at the beginning, will be worn away, and the water will be very drinkable, and freshly drawn from the main supply.

Up here in the Sierra foothills I simply dump several of these out every several days, and then refill them while doing other garden chores.

A variation on this would be to have containers in the 1 quart size on a tray for potted plants. Carry the tray to each plant and water. Bring the tray back, and refill the bottles at whatever pace pleases you, but the sooner the better. The tray(s) of bottles is(are) your emergency water supply, and it is always fresh, unless you are the type that lets your plants die.

Water for fires.

San Francisco put in many new large cisterns after 1989. They should have also sacificed one parking space beside each cistern, for a small structure with a diesel powered pump and several hundred feet of hose. In a major disaster, the fire trucks may not be able to get through to the cisterns.

The local residents should have monthly fire drills on the operation of the devices, and the door should be automatically opened by a seimic sensor, or a radio transmission. This is in addition to having local trusted residents with keys. You could plant flowers on the tops of these structures, located throughout the Richmond and Sunset. I don't know if Oakland has similar cisterns.

Now for evacuations.

This may not work so well for earthquakes.

It seems to me that you could decrease the load on the highways if you were to use the railroads and a cheap version of an extra big commuter train.

Gondola cars are normally used to transport bulk goods, but, with a bit of plywood, 4 x 4's and plenty of mattresses they could be modified to carry people in an emergency. Simply divide up the area within the car such that in the event of a sudden stop or start, only one person would be thrown into the mattress in a given sector of a gondola car. The necessary supplies for the modification could be stockpiled near big railroad yards. The mattress could be ones otherwise headed for landfills.

This should speed up the evacuation process, as the cars can be prepped out of harm's way, and 100 cars each holding 100 people could move 10,000 people in 2 hours to at least 100 miles away from the disaster. This means 10,000 people every four hours for each train so set up. Ten such trains could evacuate a city of 1/2 million in less than 24 hours.

What do I have to do to call this concept to the attention of Homeland Security and FEMA ? Of course, since they didn't think of it first, and I'm, well, not a very good Republican, they'll probably reject it out of hand, as "not invented here."

Best regards !

Douglas Keachie
(former Lowell HS computer science teacher, retired)

Posted by: Douglas Keachie | Sep 27, 2005 11:09:19 PM

Jerry is always at the ready. Why run for AG? Your ideas and experience should be at the vanguard of your party and the country!

Posted by: Martin B. | Sep 30, 2005 8:53:35 AM

We also need a plan for Unity of Command: the civil-military dimension as well as the verical Federal-State-Local dimension. Local and state governments may be overwhelmed and we must know who is in charge.

Posted by: Teka Thomas | Sep 30, 2005 12:43:56 PM

Amen cyberdem!
Civil/military chain of command from bottom Mayoral to very top-Governor national guard--and on up to national level if necessary.

Posted by: grassrootsdem | Sep 30, 2005 4:14:05 PM


The potential of an Avian Flu pandemic is another important THREAT TO AMERICANS lurking out there that has been unaddressed by the present administration.

And now the chickens and (ducks) are literally coming home to roost bringing death and disease to many nations from Vietnam and China last year to Indonesia which has now declared AN EPIDEMIC due to bird flu deaths. It's government announced it will kill large numbers of farm birds in an effort to stem an epidemic and is stockpiling Tamiflu which recently has been shown to be ineffective.

Meanwhile the British are stockpiling almost l5 million courses of anti-viral drugs.

Officials of the World Health Organization have stated the a worldwide PANDEMIC could occur kill from 7 to l00 million people worldwide.

What is our federal government doing to prepare for this possible DEADLY FLU EPIDMIC which kills 72% of those infected?

I URGE EVERYONE to call your congresspersons and Senators and write them immediately.

We were unprepared for the flu last year and we are unprepared for the AVIAN FLU should it arrive on our country's shores.

This bird flu is transmitted from one country to the next from wild migrating ducks which leave China and fly to New Zealand, Australia and other countries. It's transmitted from domesticated fowl to humans. Once a human become infected, the virus mutates and can pass between humans very readily becoming deadly.

Maybe we should cut a few billion from our $60 billion dollar intelligence budget and put more than the $6 million the U.S. is presently putting into the W.H.O. to combat and fight this disease OUTSIDE our COUNTRY before it arrives INSIDE our country where we will be unable to stop it in time before many people die.

Posted by: ConcernedCitizen | Oct 2, 2005 10:18:58 AM

Ike Was Right About War Machine

Oct. 2, 2005 Andy Rooney (CBS)


Posted by: Flutterbug | Oct 3, 2005 2:14:58 PM

I have always been proud of Jerry Brown, and hope that he will like some of my far out ideas. here's one, that, if in place, might help earthquake evacuees become preaccustomed to "doubling-up" in vehicles. Culture change requires slow introductions, but we can jump into the concepts with both feet and no parachutes !

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Gas Crisis: Solved!

Soon it will be hard to even get gas, so it behooves us all to put on our thinking caps, and realize that the world's about to get a lot cozier.

To wit: everybody loves the time alone while driving, and that, probably more than anything else, drives the one person/one car mentality. Unfortunately, it is a luxury (yes I know it's a necessity) that will probably die, except for those in hyper-efficient vehicles. It does give you time to think and listen to music and call friends.

The scarcity and cost of gasoline will soon demand the development of an on-line, real-time cross between EBay and the sex offenders registry.

As cel phones are now pretty ubiquitous, and the computer technology can handle it, it's time for, TAh DAh, "HomeLand AutoBay People-to-People Yes," or "HAPPY" for short. Each driver and would-be hitchhiker needs to be entered into the database. The data could include a security rating for each, personal characteristics like "loner," "gregarious," "golf fanatic," "non-smoker," "right wing," etc. Insurance companies could get in on the act and offer special policies in the event anything untoward happens.

A potential hitchhiker would dial into the database and indicate where he wants to go. Most phones already know where he is. Drivers could see or hear a running commentary about the hikers they are approaching who want to go to approximately the same destination as the driver, or at least to a point along the driver's route. The hiker could offer an amount to get to a given location, which would be paid when the GPS's on both the car and the hitchhiker's phone reached the destination, from PayPal or equivalent. Or, the government might offer a tax break to both individuals participating, based on milage.

It is unlikely that anything untoward would happen, as long as both follow the prime directive: "Shut Up!"

Each person could still be coocooned in their own little world, if need be, via all of our electronic gadgetry. However, I think that it might lead to a new bubble in the melting pot we call culture.

This was posted for the first time ever at www.farstars.blogspot.com. It is sponsered by "The Rolling GradeBook," an outstanding Excel template designed to make teachers' lives easier. See it at www.swland.org

Posted by: Douglas Keachie | Oct 4, 2005 10:19:08 AM


Iraq War Critic ElBaradei critical of Pres. Bush's decision to go to war Co-Winner of prestigious 2005 Nobel Prize for Peace

He is an advocate for nuclear disarmament so we don't have to waste our time doing drills in fallout shelters and putting our heads under our desks like we did in the good-ole 60's.

Posted by: grassrootsdem | Oct 7, 2005 11:14:59 AM

The political Idiots in SEIU should be fighting Arnold's special election ballot propositions not petitioning for a "messiah" to come.

When the second round of budget cuts come to Oakland next year, watch them scream.

Oakland needs a Mayor who can get potholes filled and the city protected with a skeleton crew of public workers.

That's the Mayor's job.
Not soapboxing.

Posted by: PeeWeePundit | Oct 8, 2005 7:47:04 AM

I've managed to save up roughly $81087 in my bank account, but I'm not sure if I should buy a house or not. Do you think the market is stable or do you think that home prices will decrease by a lot?

Posted by: Courtney Gidts | Nov 14, 2005 5:45:03 PM

Buying a house is more than just about a short term investment. Over time everything increases in price - especially houses. Good on you though for being such a good saver :)

Posted by: Troy | Dec 4, 2005 4:03:46 AM

the Katrina disaster wasnt the big problem, it was the disaster of FEMA and the FEDS that were to blame for new orleans.
i know i live here and stayed for the storm.
FEMA actually took down the antenna for local emergency personell, without bothering to tell them (that was public news ). i was listening to a scanner and could tell communications were all but gone.
we know how to handle hurricanes down here, weve done it before.
i heard reports of Desil fuel for hospitals not being delivered cos FEMA didnt sign off on it yet. it took days.
there were a TON of these kind of problems.
too many to mention here.
Homeland security being over FEMA has introduced another oblsicle to cross, more paperwork,, people not knowing if they had the authority to act, so in fear, didnt.
local doctors tred to help, but were turned away, cos paperwork wasnt done by FEMA.

Homeland security?
Bird Flu?

lets spend money where it makes sense.
we could have strengthened the leveees, so Katrina disaster wouldnt have been a disaster in the first place.

a smart leader would have kept money in the bank for a rainy day, not spend it on iraq, or "terror" alerts.
what a shame....

Posted by: brad | Dec 8, 2005 1:36:58 PM

You should really make more specific which Roselvelt!

Posted by: Ashley Bowers | Dec 22, 2005 6:13:29 AM

The earthquake experience should be visited upon Grants Pass, Oregon. I allege in Grants Pass, Oregon there exists a clandestine Human science facility which engages in the testing and application of subliminal RF and EM pulse weaponry for purposes of Mind Control, Indoctrination and secret incarcerations. These invisable attacks are supplemented by the covert insinuation of various psycho-toxins to enhance the impact of the aforementioned weaponry. Individuals, such as myself, are placed in "incommunicado isolation" and are tormented with subliminal-visual transmissions and neuro-impulse surges on a near constant basis. Absurd political dialectism together with pornographic imagery and assorted forms of racial bigorty are their main approach. These invisable insults to the Mind and Body are done remorselessly and with virtual impunity. Is there now any wonder why GP is called the Home of the Cavemen? I find these nefarious activites an egregious affront to the most basic concepts of Human Rights and Civil Liberities.

Posted by: Benjamin J. Brown | Jan 5, 2006 1:39:07 PM

As the "Energy Crisis" loomed like a shadow across the California landscape, San Francisco saw gridlock in the streets as ambulances were trapped , people literaly died in elevators stuck between floors, accident victims were left to fend for themselves, the young and old were thus affected.
We now know, that those entrusted to provide power to the people, albiet for profit were caught playing a sinister goulish game of profiteering as they threw switches that shut down cities in specified areas .
In Santa Monica , myself and a dedicated cadre were unawares that the crisis was manufactured in the name of better profits. We set about to ask the question , who is most at risk from the power going off, and how do we as the people best respond?
We determined those most at risk would be those in the home who are on life support machines, those suffering from medical conditions that required breathers , and the like who if going to hospital, would find hallways overwhelmed by triage prioroties.
We asked how many on life support lived within the city limits, we learned it was some 800 persons, that was interesting as the city population is estimated at 90,000.
Then we set about to ask, who has power when the electricity is shut off? The answer was the city departments that have back up generators albiet limited by fuel capacity.
And then it occured to us HOTELS. Really modern and upscale hotels have generators, like city facilities, with limited fuel. So, we asked all the Hotles with whom a raging political battle was being fought over the Living Wage, if they were inclined to recieve those whom we identified as being at risk, were there to be a power shut down the likes of which San Francisco had endured and Los angeles was sure to face?
The answer was an emphatic YES!
The Hotel keepers offered day rooms, bag lunches, blankets and dedicated staff to recieve the People. It was very encouraging to realize that on one front a battle was being fought for a living wage, and yet on another front a battle was being prepared for to save lives and prevent suffering.
When I applied to the city for a grant of just $3,000. that the city offered to residents I was denied the grant, what that meant was , yes there was money for block parties, but no money for logistical
Its not so much that I wanted "mo'moey", we all could use more money, it was more that that grant would ensure that there would be a "reserve" to draw from for various and sundry expenses that would go directly to an effort that would ensure that real lives would be real benificiaries, and not monied interests.
When Government comes to the reality that here, The People Rule, the society will be better off, and better prepared, for the "big one".

Posted by: stewart resmer | Jan 22, 2006 6:18:30 AM

I love this blog!

Posted by: Josh | Apr 7, 2006 11:59:49 AM

I love how no-one called Jerry Brown on his evocation of American socialist-totalitarianism. That is, if he wasn't evoking Teddy Roosevelt, but i'm pretty sure he wasn't.

Posted by: Metro Chorney | Jun 7, 2006 9:42:03 AM

Go Jerry Go!

Posted by: Polar | Jun 16, 2006 10:22:24 PM

Another Disaster Solution for the 100 plus Americans killed everyday in car wrecks.

When there is an accident at the Indianapolis 500 race, they bring out the yellow flag and so, even though other drivers cannot see the problem, they all slow down.

My concept will not stop most first accidents, but it will go a long way to reducing secondary accidents. In a nutshell, when an airbag goes off, a radio signal carrying the GPS location of the airbagged car is sent out instantly. All new cars would be equipped to send out the signal.

All new cars would also be equipped to receive such signals. Depending on the distance to the bag deployed, and whether the receiving vehicle was approaching it or going away from it, a set of lights (coded like 9/11, with an audible for the more dangerous warnings)would be activated.

A secondary code light could be used to let you know if emergency vehicles were approaching your area, activated by those vehicles. In areas of high risk you might want to put repeater stations, so that if the originating car was destroyed, the signal would still get out, even if the original signal only lasted for a fraction of a second. More information at www.farstars.blogspot.com.

Douglas Keachie

Posted by: Douglas Keachie | Aug 23, 2006 10:13:27 AM

Now that our side has a majority in both houses they should actually USE the subpoena power and launch a REAL independent investigation into 9/11.

One thing that struck me as odd in the days after 9/11 was Bush saying "We will not tolerate conspiracy theories [regarding 9/11]". Sure enough there have been some wacky conspiracy theories surrounding the events of that day. The most far-fetched and patently ridiculous one that I've ever heard goes like this: Nineteen hijackers who claimed to be devout Muslims but yet were so un-Muslim as to be getting drunk all the time, doing cocaine and frequenting strip clubs decided to hijack four airliners and fly them into buildings in the northeastern U.S., the area of the country that is the most thick with fighter bases. After leaving a Koran on a barstool at a strip bar after getting shitfaced drunk on the night before, then writing a suicide note/inspirational letter that sounded like it was written by someone with next to no knowledge of Islam, they went to bed and got up the next morning hung over and carried out their devious plan. Nevermind the fact that of the four "pilots" among them there was not a one that could handle a Cessna or a Piper Cub let alone fly a jumbo jet, and the one assigned the most difficult task of all, Hani Hanjour, was so laughably incompetent that he was the worst fake "pilot" of the bunch. Nevermind the fact that they received very rudimentary flight training at Pensacola Naval Air Station, making them more likely to have been C.I.A. assets than Islamic fundamentalist terrorists. So on to the airports. These "hijackers" somehow managed to board all four airliners with their tickets, yet not even ONE got his name on any of the flight manifests. So they hijack all four airliners and at this time passengers on United 93 start making a bunch of cell phone calls from 35,000 feet in the air to tell people what was going on. Nevermind the fact that cell phones wouldn't work very well above 4,000 feet, and wouldn't work at ALL above 8,000 feet. But the conspiracy theorists won't let that fact get in the way of a good fantasy. That is one of the little things you "aren't supposed to think about". Nevermind that one of the callers called his mom and said his first and last name, more like he was reading from a list than calling his own mom. Anyway, when these airliners each deviated from their flight plan and didn't respond to ground control, NORAD would any other time have followed standard operating procedure (and did NOT have to be told by F.A.A. that there were hijackings because they were watching the same events unfold on their own radar) which means fighter jets would be scrambled from the nearest base where they were available on standby within a few minutes, just like every other time when airliners stray off course. But of course on 9/11 this didn't happen, not even close. Somehow these "hijackers" must have used magical powers to cause NORAD to stand down, as ridiculous as this sounds because total inaction from the most high-tech and professional Air Force in the world would be necessary to carry out their tasks. So on the most important day in its history the Air Force was totally worthless. Then they had to make one of the airliners look like a smaller plane, because unknown to them the Naudet brothers had a videocamera to capture the only known footage of the North Tower crash, and this footage shows something that is not at all like a jumbo jet, but didn't have to bother with the South Tower jet disguising itself because that was the one we were "supposed to see". Anyway, as for the Pentagon they had to have Hani Hanjour fly his airliner like it was a fighter plane, making a high G-force corkscrew turn that no real airliner can do, in making its descent to strike the Pentagon. But these "hijackers" wanted to make sure Rumsfeld survived so they went out of their way to hit the farthest point in the building from where Rumsfeld and the top brass are located. And this worked out rather well for the military personnel in the Pentagon, since the side that was hit was the part that was under renovation at the time with few military personnel present compared to construction workers. Still more fortuitous for the Pentagon, the side that was hit had just before 9/11 been structurally reinforced to prevent a large fire there from spreading elsewhere in the building. Awful nice of them to pick that part to hit, huh? Then the airliner vaporized itself into nothing but tiny unidentifiable pieces most no bigger than a fist, unlike the crash of a real airliner when you will be able to see at least some identifiable parts, like crumpled wings, broken tail section etc. Why, Hani Hanjour the terrible pilot flew that airliner so good that even though he hit the Pentagon on the ground floor the engines didn't even drag the ground!! Imagine that!! Though the airliner vaporized itself on impact it only made a tiny 16 foot hole in the building. Amazing. Meanwhile, though the planes hitting the Twin Towers caused fires small enough for the firefighters to be heard on their radios saying "We just need 2 hoses and we can knock this fire down" attesting to the small size of it, somehow they must have used magical powers from beyond the grave to make this morph into a raging inferno capable of making the steel on all forty-seven main support columns (not to mention the over 100 smaller support columns) soften and buckle, then all fail at once. Hmmm. Then still more magic was used to make the building totally defy physics as well as common sense in having the uppermost floors pass through the remainder of the building as quickly, meaning as effortlessly, as falling through air, a feat that without magic could only be done with explosives. Then exactly 30 minutes later the North Tower collapses in precisely the same freefall physics-defying manner. Incredible. Not to mention the fact that both collapsed at a uniform rate too, not slowing down, which also defies physics because as the uppermost floors crash into and through each successive floor beneath them they would shed more and more energy each time, thus slowing itself down. Common sense tells you this is not possible without either the hijackers' magical powers or explosives. To emphasize their telekinetic prowess, later in the day they made a third building, WTC # 7, collapse also at freefall rate though no plane or any major debris hit it. Amazing guys these magical hijackers. But we know it had to be "Muslim hijackers" the conspiracy theorist will tell you because (now don't laugh) one of their passports was "found" a couple days later near Ground Zero, miraculously "surviving" the fire that we were told incinerated planes, passengers and black boxes, and also "survived" the collapse of the building it was in. When common sense tells you if that were true then they should start making buildings and airliners out of heavy paper and plastic so as to be "indestructable" like that magic passport. The hijackers even used their magical powers to bring at least seven of their number back to life, to appear at american embassies outraged at being blamed for 9/11!! BBC reported on that and it is still online. Nevertheless, they also used magical powers to make the american government look like it was covering something up in the aftermath of this, what with the hasty removal of the steel debris and having it driven to ports in trucks with GPS locators on them, to be shipped overseas to China and India to be melted down. When common sense again tells you that this is paradoxical in that if the steel was so unimportant that they didn't bother saving some for analysis but so important as to require GPS locators on the trucks with one driver losing his job because he stopped to get lunch. Hmmmm. Further making themselves look guilty, the Bush administration steadfastly refused for over a year to allow a commission to investigate 9/11 to even be formed, only agreeing to it on the conditions that they get to dictate its scope, meaning it was based on the false pretense of the "official story" being true with no other alternatives allowed to be considered, handpicked all its members making sure the ones picked had vested interests in the truth remaining buried, and with Bush and Cheney only "testifying" together, only for an hour, behind closed doors, with their attorneys present and with their "testimonies" not being recorded by tape or even written down in notes. Yes, this whole story smacks of the utmost idiocy and fantastic far-fetched lying, but it is amazingly enough what some people believe. Even now, five years later, the provably false fairy tale of the "nineteen hijackers" is heard repeated again and again, and is accepted without question by so many Americans. Which is itself a testament to the innate psychological cowardice of the American sheeple, i mean people, and their abject willingness to believe something, ANYTHING, no matter how ridiculous in order to avoid facing a scary uncomfortable truth. Time to wake up America.

Debunking Popular Mechanics lies:
someone else debunking Popular Mechanics crap:
still more debunking Poopular Mechanics:
and still more debunking of Popular Mechanics:

Poopular Mechanics staff replaced just before laughable “debunking” article written:
another neo-con 9/11 hit piece explodes, is retracted:
Professor Steven Jones debunks the N.I.S.T. “report” as well as the F.E.M.A. one and the 9/11 commission "report":
N.I.S.T. scientist interviewed:
F.B.I. says no hard evidence linking Osama bin Laden to 9/11 which is why his wanted poster says nothing about 9/11:
Fire Engineering magazine says important questions about the Twin Tower “collapses” still need to be addressed:http://fe.pennnet.com/Articles/Article_Display.cfm?Section=OnlineArticles&SubSection=Display&PUBLICATION_ID=25&ARTICLE_ID

Twin Towers’ construction certifiers say they should have easily withstood it:
USA Today interview with the last man out of the South Tower, pursued by a fireball:
Janitor who heard explosions and escaped has testimony ignored by 9/11 whitewash commission:
Janitor starts speaking out about it and his apartment is burglarized, laptop stolen:
Firefighters tell of multiple explosions:
Eyewitnesses tell of explosions:
Interview with another firefighter telling of explosions:
Firefighter saw “sparkles” (strobe lights on detonators?) before “collapse”:
Other eyewitnesses talk of seeing/hearing explosions:
Surviving eyewitnesses talk of multiple explosions there:
Cutter charge explosions clearly visible:
The pyroclastic wave (that dust cloud that a second before was concrete) and how it wouldn’t be possible without explosives:
Detailed description of the demolition of the Twin Towers:
Freefall rate of “collapses” math:
More about their freefall rate “collapses”:
Video footage of the controlled demolition of the Twin Towers:
Video footage of the controlled demolition of WTC # 7 building:
Photos of the Pentagon’s lawn (look at these and see if you can tell me with a straight face that a jumbo jet crashed there):
More photos of this amazing lawn at the Pentagon:
Very unconvincing fake “Osama” “confession” tape:
More about the fake “Osama” tape:
Fake “Mohammed Atta” “suicide” letter:
Commercial pilots disagree with “official” 9/11 myth:
More commercial jet pilots say “official” myth is impossible:
Impossibility of cell phone calls from United 93:
More about the impossible cell phone calls:
Experiment proves cell phone calls were NOT possible from anywhere near the altitude the “official” myth has them at:
Fake Barbara Olson phone call:
Where the hell was the Air Force?
More about the Air Force impotence question:
Sept. 10th 2001, Pentagon announces it is “missing” $2.3 trillion (now why do you think they picked THAT day to announce it? So it could be buried the next day by 9/11 news):
Unocal pipeline-through-Afghanistan plan:
Unocal pipeline-through-Afghanistan plan mentioned:
More on Unocal Afghan pipeline:
The attack on Afghanistan was planned in the summer of 2001, months before 9/11:
Pentagon deliberately misled 9/11 Commission:
9/11 whitewash Commission and NORAD day:
The incredible fish tales of the 9/11 Commission examined:
Jeb Bush declares state of emergency 4 days before 9/11 for Florida, saying it will help respond to terrorism:
Steel debris removal from Ground Zero, destruction of evidence:
Over two hundred incriminating bits of 9/11 evidence shown in the mainstream media:
Tracking the “hijackers”:
“Hijacker” patsies:
“Hijackers” receiving flight training at Pensacola Naval Air Station:
No Arabs on Flight 77:
Flight manifests (tell me if you find any Arabs):
Thirty experts say “official” 9/11 myth impossible:
“Al Qaeda” website tracks back to Maryland:
Al Qaeda videos uploaded from U.S. government website:
Operation: Northwoods, a plan for a false-flag “terror” attack to be blamed on Castro to use it as a pretext for America to invade Cuba, thankfully not approved by Kennedy back in 1962 but was approved by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and sent to his desk:

Posted by: Enlightenment | Nov 13, 2006 12:25:37 PM

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Including that of Hasan Bin Laden
(Hasan M. BinLadin)
Hasan is Bother to Osama

Tony Blair bought a house next door to Hasan (bin Laden)
He said he was a friend of Hasan and sometimes the two of them would go out to restaurants.

Saudi Binladin Group

Construction company by the Bin Laden Family with many ties to the oil- and military industry. Profits from the "war on terrorism"
as a partner of the Carlyle Group. Osama is one of more than 50 children of Mohammed bin Laden (->),
who built the family's $5 billion business, Saudi Binladin Group, largely with construction contracts from the Saudi government.

After the 1996 truck bombing in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, that killed 19 U.S. servicemen, Saudi Binladin Group
built military barracks and airfields for U.S. troops.

The BinLadin Group (BLG) partnered with the Iridium / Motorola Satellite Project.

Another partner of BLG was Bredero-Shaw (->), which is a Halliburton company, former CEO of Halliburton was Vice-President Dick Cheney.
Yet another link to Halliburton is pipeline constructor H. C. Price, who built both pipelines together for the Bin Laden Group or Enron.

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